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Programming/Creative AI Practical Service "Exercode"

This is a practical service where you can browse materials online, and pose and answer questions about programming and creative AI, as well as get grading. AI supports your learning, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Additionally, features such as automatic grading and an administrative panel make it a welcome addition for educators!

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Six Benefits that Make Learners and Educators Happy

Learn by Doing

We have prepared a multitude of problems that can be solved hands-on, ranging from basic to applied levels.

Progress on Your Own

Common stumbling blocks, such as errors, are supported with hints from AI.

Code Completion Function Powered by Generative AI

By assisting with input, it reduces mistakes and prevents elementary stumbling blocks.

Reduce Grading Time with Automated Grading

Since the service automatically determines the correctness of answers, there is no need for time-consuming grading.

Monitor Understanding and Progress

Features are included to check each learner's level of understanding and progress.

Use Custom Materials and Questions

You can also use your own teaching materials and questions. Please contact us for details.

Test Performance Improved by 2.5 Times

In the practical experiments using Exercode, learners' study quantity increased by approximately 2.1 times and the improvement in test scores increased by approximately 2.5 times. The progress of the experiments was reported by local newspapers and NHK, among others.

The Flow of Learning

1. Write the Program

While reviewing the problem statement and materials, write your program in the code editor on the service.

2. Execute the Written Program

All written programs can be tested directly on the service. There is no need to set up an environment for executing programs.

3. Fix Errors with AI Hints

If there are errors, AI will provide hints, enabling you to continue learning on your own.

4. System Determines Correctness

The service instantly judges the correctness of your program. Even beginners can check if the program they wrote is correct.

Solve Various Problems in Programming and Creative AI!

Coding Problems

Problems related to the basics of programming like if-statements, functions, classes, as well as algorithms like search and sort

Web App Implementation Problems

Problems involving the implementation of web applications like chatbots

GUI Programming Problems

Problems related to creating GUI programs using Java's Swing

AI-Embedded App Implementation Problems

Problems that involve implementing apps with integrated creative AI, such as Q&A bots and agents

Prompt Writing Problems

Problems involving writing command sentences (prompts) for use with applications like ChatGPT

Program Generation Problems

Problems that involve using prompts to automatically generate programs and create apps

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Our Clients

Currently, six organizations are using Exercode. Here are some of the organizations that have given us permission to share their names.


For use in educational institutions, the service fee for the fiscal year 2024 is provided free of charge.

For corporate use, please contact us.

Company & Representative Achievements

Developed a Programming Practice System for Educational Institutions. Demonstrates High Educational Effectiveness

An implementation course conducted with the system developed for specialized schools in information science showed that students outperformed those using similar systems. The improvement in test scores was approximately 2.5 times greater, and the amount of study students did increased by about 2.1 times.

Scheduled for Introduction in Specialized Information Science Schools from 2024. Trials Also Planned in Universities

Although our service has just been released, it is scheduled for introduction in specialized schools of information science starting from the fiscal year 2024. Trials in university programming lectures are also planned.

The Representative is an Active University Lecturer Specializing in Programming Education with Numerous Awards

With affiliations to Waseda University and Tokyo Online University, our representative holds high expertise, as demonstrated by the adoption of his educational papers on the application of GPT in the most prestigious international conferences on computer science education.

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If you have any inquiries or questions regarding the implementation, please contact us using the form below.

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