App Builder AI

We have developed a system that automatically constructs and tests your app with an LLM (Large Language Model). Its source code is released as open-source software.


【Coming Soon】 We are developing a bot that can utilize Large Language Models (such as GPT) developed by OpenAI, for platforms like Slack and Discord. Not only does it have the capability to obtain responses from GPT, but it's also planned to incorporate various functions such as specifying options for GPT (like temperature), summarizing web pages or PDFs, and characterizing the bot.

LLM Toolbox

We have developed a web service that offers a set of tools utilizing generative AI technologies such as Large Language Model (LLM). Currently, we are offering a feature that summarizes web pages and PDF files.

Personality Diagnosis β

In collaboration with Toru Fujimoto and Hironori Sakai of the University of Tokyo, we have developed a web service that allows us to conduct psychological surveys. Currently, you can take a gamification type diagnosis.

AI-equipped online programming training system

We developed a programming practice system accessible from a web browser for Kawara Computer Business College. This system is equipped with AI that can execute programs online, automatically grade and evaluate, estimate the cause and location of errors in incorrect programs, and motivate according to the learner's individuality.

Renaissance Academy App

We developed a mobile application for the Renaissance High School Group to deliver school announcements and class cancellation information to students.


A tool for building TypeScript apps and libraries. Its source code is released as open-source software.

PlantUML Visualizer

We developed a Chrome / Firefox extension to visualize PlantUML descriptions. It improves efficiency in sharing software documents. Its source code is also released as open-source software.
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