Generative AI Training

Learn by Doing, Skills You'll Acquire! Creative AI Training

We offer numerous training programs that help you acquire practical skills by writing functioning programs and command statements (prompts) for creative AI.

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Broad Range of Courses from Basic Knowledge to Development

We offer a variety of courses where you can learn everything from the basics of creative AI, its applications, to the development of apps that incorporate creative AI.

Practical Learning by Doing Based on Real-world Use Cases

You can learn about practical use cases of creative AI by writing and working with actual prompts.

Customizable and Tailor-made Training Available

We can customize the content of our existing courses or create new ones according to your specific needs.

Course List

Learn by Doing! ChatGPT Utilization Course

3 hours per person, 19,800 yen (including tax)

This course covers an overview of ChatGPT, its applications, and prompt engineering. By solving problems created from use cases, you can learn practical prompt writing techniques and specific ways to utilize ChatGPT.

Training Content

Basic Knowledge About ChatGPTWe introduce the basics of creative AI and large language models, including ChatGPT, as well as showcase applications of large language models.
How to Utilize ChatGPTWe discuss various uses of ChatGPT, including text creation, data processing, and coding assistance.
Mastering ChatGPTWe explain prompt engineering, which is essential for mastering ChatGPT, and go over usage precautions and the latest trends.
ChatGPT ExercisesBased on what you've learned so far, you will solve practical prompting problems to consolidate your knowledge.

Target Audience

- Individuals who want to use ChatGPT but don't know where to start

- Individuals struggling to get the desired responses from ChatGPT

- Individuals who have tried ChatGPT but don’t know how to apply it in their work



Boost Productivity! Software Development with ChatGPT Course

5 hours per person, 39,600 yen (including tax)

This course teaches how to boost software development productivity using ChatGPT. You'll learn how to have ChatGPT generate programs that meet specifications and dive into utilizing ChatGPT throughout various software development processes beyond just implementation.

Training Content

Basic Knowledge About ChatGPTIntroducing essential basic knowledge of ChatGPT, its usage, and prompt engineering needed for the training.
Prompts Patterns for Software DevelopmentAn overview of prompt patterns that facilitate efficient software development, as well as examples of suitable prompts for each stage from requirements definition to design and implementation.
Exercises in Software Development Using ChatGPTApplying the knowledge learned thus far, you will practice using ChatGPT in various aspects of software development.

Target Audience

- Those interested in learning about methods of software development utilizing generative AI like ChatGPT

- Those who wish to improve productivity in software development


Experience in system development

Learn by Creating! Practical App Development with ChatGPT Course

6 hours per person, 55,000 yen (tax included)

This course teaches practical development skills for creating apps that incorporate large language models such as ChatGPT. For example, you can learn how to develop a chatbot service that responds flexibly to user queries or a Q&A bot that answers based on internal documentation in a hands-on manner.

Training Content

Basic Knowledge About ChatGPTAn introduction to the essential basic knowledge of ChatGPT, how to use it, and prompt engineering required for the training.
Chatbot Development ExerciseThrough developing a chatbot, you will learn about OpenAI's API and LangChain, which are necessary for apps equipped with GPT.
Text Summarization Program Development ExerciseIn this exercise on developing a text summarization program, you will learn about the basics of prompts and how to structure the output results.
Q&A Bot Development ExerciseThrough the development of a Q&A bot, you will learn about Embeddings and the similarity between texts.
Agent Development ExerciseWhile developing an agent (a mechanism that autonomously performs a series of actions using external tools to achieve a goal commanded by the user), you will learn about Reasoning and Acting (ReAct) and how to integrate tools.

Target Audience

- Those who want to learn how to create chatbots, Q&A bots, and more

- Those who want to learn development methods for various apps incorporating large language models


Basic knowledge of the Python language

Python Programming Learning Course (Consultation Required)

This course teaches the basics of Python necessary for creating AI-powered programs. You can learn by working through the numerous programming problems provided. The content of the course can be customized based on your requests, so please feel free to consult with us.

Company & Representative Achievements

Conducting Various Seminars and Training on ChatGPT for Major IT Companies

We are currently providing seminars on software development with GPT and guidance on AI app development aimed at employees of major IT companies. In addition, we have also conducted seminars for educators, covering everything from the introduction to the business applications of generative AI, receiving satisfaction ratings of over 90%.

The Representative is an Active University Lecturer Specializing in Programming Education with Numerous Awards

Affiliated with Waseda University and Tokyo Online University, he possesses a high level of expertise as demonstrated by the acceptance of his educational papers applying GPT at the premier international conference on computer science education.

Developed a Programming Practice System for Educational Institutions with High Educational Effects

When implementing a proof-of-concept course with this system for specialized information science schools, we found that compared to students using similar systems, the amount of study increased by approximately 2.1 times and the growth in test scores improved by about 2.5 times.

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