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This service allows you to learn practical development skills for apps equipped with AI like GPT. For instance, you can learn how to develop chatbots that respond flexibly to user questions and Q&A bots that provide answers based on internal documents, all in a practical format. By solving problems prepared for different levels of difficulty one by one, you can learn step by step and steadily.

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Features of AI App Learning

Learn Practical Development Skills

Learn how to develop chatbots and Q&A bots that are useful in the field.

Automatic Assessment by AI

Even complex programs are instantly assessed automatically, allowing you to progress your learning efficiently.

Learn Everything Without Setting Up the Environment

All you need is a PC. There's no need for the hassle of setting up the environment. You can start learning right away.

Complete Learning within the Service

1. Write the Program

While checking the problem statement and library documentation, you write the program in the code editor on the system.

2. Execute the Written Program

All the programs you write can be tested on the system. There is no need to set up an environment to execute programs.

3. AI Judges Correctness

The AI judges the correctness of the program on the spot. Even beginners can check if the program they wrote is correct.

Learn Effective Ways to Use ChatGPT

Learn How to Write Prompts for Different Purposes

Problems such as text summarization, proofreading, and source code generation are available, and you can learn how to write prompts (instructions given to the generative AI). Additionally, since the AI performs correctness evaluations, even beginners can check if the prompts they have written are correct.

Upcoming Features

Hint Feature by

Hints will be displayed when you answer incorrectly, guiding you to the correct answer. You won't have to give up not knowing what was wrong.

Materials for Web UI

By acquiring web UI development skills, you will be able to create web services equipped with GPT.

Support for OpenAI Assistants API

The system and materials are planned to sequentially support the OpenAI Assistants API announced in November 2023.


During the campaign period, the service is provided free of charge.

※You need to prepare your own OpenAI API key.
※You will need to pay for the use of OpenAI's API yourself.
※The duration/content of the campaign is subject to change or termination without notice. Please be advised.

Looking for Collaboration Partners!

We are looking for businesses considering the introduction of AI App Learning. It is possible to customize materials and systems for your company. Training can also be provided upon request.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Company & Representative Achievements

Developed a programming practice system for educational institutions. High educational effect

When a system developed for specialized schools in the information field was implemented in a demonstration course, the students' test score improvement was approximately 2.5 times higher compared to those who used similar systems.

Conducted various seminars and guidance on ChatGPT for large IT companies

We are currently conducting seminars on software development with GPT and guidance on AI app development for employees of large IT companies.

The representative is an active university lecturer specializing in programming education. Numerous awards won

papers on the application of GPT being accepted at the top international conference in CS education.

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